DTS is one of the leading German cyber-security providers for IT-infrastructure, on premise, hybrid or cloud-based.

Key data

ActivityCyber security services on premise, hybrid or cloud-based
MarketsIndustry, services
LocationsAthens, Berlin, Bochum, Bremen, Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg, Hanover, Herford (headquarters), Cologne, Münster, Wien
Sales 2019EUR 65 million
Workforce 2019210
MBB since2008
MBB shareholding80%


Now operating under the name DTS IT AG, the company was acquired from a medium-sized media group in 2008 in partnership with the management, which owns 20% of the shares, with MBB holding the majority 80% stake. Under MBB’s management, the company has concentrated on establishing new branches, acquiring subsidiaries and accelerating the expansion of the cloud business.


DTS Systeme


DTS Systeme Münster GmbH


DTS Systeme Wien GmbH


ISL Internet security solutions


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