As a medium-sized family business, MBB generates exceptional sales and value growth through German technological and engineering expertise



Since foundation, MBB has grown its revenue and earnings at an average rate of 20%, leading to an increase in revenue from €37 million at IPO in 2006 to more than €954 million in 2022. Organically and by acquisition of new companies, we want to continue growing extraordinarily.

Technological expertise

MBB stands for Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm and is the only independent company to have emerged directly from the original MBB group. In post-war Germany, MBB was synonymous with technology and engineering expertise. True to this tradition, our companies have decades and in some cases centuries of experience in their markets. We strive for superior technology and engineering expertise and assert ourselves on global markets. To this end, Germany offers a worldwide unique environment.


Our companies are independent and autonomous units and are therefore part of the German “Mittelstand”. Tradition, regional identity and a commitment to education, employees and public welfare are important cornerstones for us. Almost 30 years of excellent reputation within the German “Mittelstand” are the business card in our search for new investments.

Capital Market

MBB is listed in the Prime Standard of the German stock exchange and fulfils highest transparency and compliance requirements. 18 years of exceptional share price and dividend development have brought a large international shareholder base and have increased MBB’s attractiveness as an employer and business partner. Conservative financing and stock exchange listing allow for further evolutionary growth in the future.

Family business

Gert-Maria Freimuth (Vice Chairman of the Board) and Dr Christof Nesemeier (Executive Chairman) founded the company in 1995 and hold the majority of shares. We are convinced that personal dedication and continuity in management have laid the foundation of MBB’s success and endow the company with reliability and an identity.