Long-term commitment and continuity.

In addition to stimulating organic growth, we are also interested in company acquisitions. To this end, we seek majority takeovers. This enables us to take great steps forward on our road to growth!

A takeover by MBB also offers a variety of advantages for sellers, employees and other stakeholders.

MBB is a reliable, rational entrepreneur that can point to 25 years of constant activity and success.

We seek long-term co-operation with companies, not a quick resale. The takeover of a company by MBB has so far always been followed by continuity and sustainable management – a guarantee of permanence for the company that has been acquired.

We always finance acquisitions from our own resources, not by leveraging with external capital. We believe that sustainable values can be created through this process and that difficult economic times can also be overcome together.

Our actions and our success are based on the values of our mission: medium-sized and family-owned, oriented on growth and focused on technology. We have a reference for every situation in 25 years since we were founded, from corporations, family companies, buy-out management teams, employee representatives and trade unionists – talk to us, and we will be happy to put you in touch with independent third parties who can provide you with information about our work.

MBB can assure owners that, once we have acquired an equity interest, we will establish a reliable, future-oriented co-operation not only with the employees, their representatives on site and the management, but also with existing customers and suppliers.

Companies in the MBB Group remain independent in our network. Functions are not outsourced to the holding company, and there is no obligation to introduce group systems or processes. In addition, the companies taken over by MBB stay in their original location for the long term.

As a Prime Standard company, MBB satisfies the highest requirements for transparency and quality. Comprehensive financial controlling, risk management and compliance processes and adherence to the German Corporate Governance Code require us and the companies we invest in to pursue a sustainable business policy.