IR FAQ – Frequently asked questions

1. How long has MBB been listed on the stock market and in which segment are its shares traded?

MBB’s shares have been traded on the stock market since 9 May 2006. The shares have been listed on the Prime Standard segment since 20 June 2008.

2. What is the share capital of MBB Aktiengesellschaft?

The share capital of MBB Aktiengesellschaft is EUR 6,600,000.00.

3. How many shares are there?

6,600,000 no-par bearer shares have been issued.

4. What does the shareholder structure of the MBB shares look like?

35.2% of the shares of MBB are in free float. 64.8% of the shares carrying voting and dividend rights are held indirectly by the founders Dr Christof Nesemeier and Gert-Maria Freimuth.

5. On what indexes can MBB’s shares be found?

MBB’s shares can be found on CDAX, Classic All Share, DAXPLUS FAMILY, DAXsector Industrial and the Prime All Share Index.

6. At which stock exchanges are MBB’s shares traded?

The largest volume is traded in the XETRA trading of Deutsche Börse. Further trading venues are Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, Düsseldorf and Berlin.

7. What is MBB’s dividend policy?

MBB’s dividend policy ensures that shareholders will participate in MBB’s success in an appropriate manner. Our minimum level for any dividend payout is the previously paid dividend. It does require the approval of both the Supervisory Board and the Annual Meeting. It is declared on the day of each Annual Meeting and paid out within three days afterwards.